Complimentary Marketing Audit •



What is a marketing audit and why do I even need it?

Online marketing audits are similar to a tax audit, minus all the stress. It’s a full analytical deep dive into how your website, business, and social media pages rank according to each platform’s best practice. By ensuring that they are optimized correctly you can increase your search ranking and brand awareness across the internet and social media. So if you are a business owner in South Africa with a website or social media pages then this audit can tell you what to improve on. And what you’re getting right.

Similar to your business’ finances, your marketing needs regular upkeep to ensure everything runs smoothly. This, however, isn’t the fact with many South African businesses lacking resources or funding to ensure their marketing has been correctly set up to ensure future business growth.

And since we’re in the business of growing your business you can get a FREE comprehensive online marketing check-up and audit to the value of R2800 simply by completing the form below. Valid throughout 2021.

What’s included in a marketing audit for your business?

Our team will fine comb your business and find out how it’s represented online and include recommendations on how to improve them.

These include your;
Social Media Channels,
Website Performance and Content,
Which keywords to target in order to land more customers/clients,
What changes you can make to grow your business online.

To get your free marketing audit, simply complete the form below: